Life with the 5

Strewing (TMI?)

Imagine strewing a tampon.

Husband puts all manner of things in his pocket at work and he brought home this curious thing. All 4 big kids discovered this tampon(it was new in wrapping) and asked individually what it was. They were genuinely interested what it was for and why. First J…then T..then N and lastly Av….N tried to explain it by saying “Its the thing for the thing, you know thing.” Not sure he was ready for that information.
I explained that women have blood to nourish a baby but if they are not pregnant, they have to get rid of it once a month. Some women use tampons to absorb the flow.
We don’t. That is, there is only 2 females in this house of seven; one is not yet a woman and I am breastfeeding but when there is a cycle I/we opt for cloth and cup.

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