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Dr. Andrew Wakefield presents his concerns over the safety and failure of the MMR vaccine, and offers an explanation as to why there is a measle outbreak in highly vaccinated populations.  He challenges anyone to a public live debate about the safety/dangers of the MMR vaccine

Protecting ones own


There’s a question I don’t feel like anyone is asking about the whole vaccination/autism thing.

Are you that opposed to autism that you would rather your child die from a completely curable disease than have a child with autism? Are you that bad of a parent, of a PERSON, that autism is so bad that you would rather children die than have it?

Asked many times, addressed many times. Autism is not comparable to death. Its not why many parents don’t vaccinate though its one that should be appropriately addressed rather than ignored or dismissed. My children are not at risk of dying because they are not vaccinated. One of my children is at risk of dying because of vaccine damage though. Have I seen a child struggle to breathe? Yes, my own. Not because of whooping cough, asthma. Have I seen a child suffer because of vaccines? Yes, every day for the past ten years - my own child. My perfectly born son suffers life threatening conditions because of vaccines. We almost lost him at Christmas. Some say it better he die and its acceptable. Vaccinate all the kids and those who can’t tolerate them should die? Not my kids. You don’t know why such a small percentage of parents do not vaccinate. In most cases its because of vaccine damage. I say its a small percentage because it is, majority of parents do as they are told and vaccinate according to schedule. I did that too with my oldest two children. None of these parents who don’t vaccinate I know are bad, they care deeply about their children. We can argue that they are whatever you think but I say brave for doing what is best for their family especially in a world who intimidates and judges those they don’t understand. You are right, many of these vaccine preventable diseases are curable, maybe we don’t need vaccine prevention. Autism is a different matter. For some autism is mild like it may be in me or in someone with Aspergers. But for others it means lifelong 24/7 care into adulthood. Not all autism is the same and I believe its largely misunderstood.


#CDC “#Whistleblower ” Now Says He’d NEVER Inject His Pregnant Wife with a #FluShot ! #VACCINE #vaccines #vaccination

This is enough to make you throw up, so I have to apologize in advance. Listen to this man who works for the CDC say that he’d NEVER inject his pregnant wife with a flu shot because he is confident that thimerosal, the mercury-containing preservative still contained in these shots, causes TICS and he also admits he knows there is evidence thimerosal also causes “autism-like features”.

“Originally, “Conspiracy theory” just meant a theory about a conspiracy (a secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful). The term is now deliberately used in order to infer mental instability, as if conspiracies no longer happen. The label “conspiracy theorist” is now routinely used by government and corporate media in an effort to discredit information or opinions which contradict the official narrative.
“If I call you a conspiracy theorist, it matters little whether you have actually claimed that a conspiracy exists or whether you have simply raised an issue that I would rather avoid… By labeling you, I strategically exclude you from the sphere where public speech, debate, and conflict occur.”
(Ginna Husting, Ph.D. and Martin Orr, Ph.D., “Dangerous Machinery: ‘Conspiracy Theorist’ as a Transpersonal Strategy of Exclusion”, Boise State University, 2007)” (via sabelmouse)